All 3 races start at Expedition Island promptly at 6:30am at an elevation of 6100 feet. The first 2 miles are on paved city streets and the paved Green Belt along the river, (which is a walking path). You will head west on Flaming Gorge Way, then turn right on Wild Horse Canyon Road where the paved road will change to a graded dirt road and climb up the canyon for approximately 2 miles to the top of White Mountain that will plateau at approximately 7300 feet in elevation. You will then continue running along the rolling hills at elevations up to 7500 feet. The views from the top are stunning. Many runners bring pocket cameras. There are several herds of wild horses and other wildlife that can often be seen near the top of the canyon and along the course. This is a challenging course! As this is a high plains desert, there are no shade trees along the course, so be prepared for wind and temperature changes between the start and the finish. The course is up and back with turn-arounds at the halfway points of each race.  


Saturday morning check-in: 

The race begins on the Island promptly at 6:30 a.m. There will be NO race day registration. Online registration will close Thursday night, August 18th. You will be welcome to register on Friday, in person, before the race, but we will NOT be able to guarantee you will receive a t-shirt. The race is an out and back run. You will be running west along the top of the White Mountain plateau paralleling I-80.

Aid Stations:

There will be manned aid stations every 2 miles with water and powerade. Every other aid station will also have M & M’s, granola bars, bananas, apples and chips. Please thank my volunteers, they’re happy to help. Porta potties will be at the starting line also at mile 2, mile 6.5 (the ½ marathon turn-around) and at mile 13.1 (the marathon turn-around). There will be a "Recovery Tent" next to the camp trailer where you picked up your packets with a variety of bagels, fruit, cookies, chips, pretzels, M &M’s, water, Gatorade and soda. If it’s warm, sit in the river and relax, shower off in the adjacent water park or rest under the trees in the park. If you need a shower we can provide you with directions & free tickets to the city Recreation Center. There will be live music on the Island from noon to 4 pm.

What to expect Sat. AM:

 The course is a graded dirt road. The county has worked to grade it right before the race and spray it down with water to keep down the dust. Please keep this in mind. This loop tour is a public road, we cannot close the route to traffic.

Awards & Results:
If you have a plane to catch we will hand out your awards at the finish line if you’ve won your age group.

Results will be available immediately upon finishing the race this year.

There will be several age groups: Male/Fe 20-29, Male/Fe 30-39, Male/Fe 40-49, Male/Fe 50-59, Male/Fe 60 and up.
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